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The Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association (MBA) is an organisation established for Freemasons who have a passion for motorcycling.
To qualify for membership of The Widows Sons you need to be a Master Mason of (or recognised by) the United Grand Lodge of England, in good standing in your own Lodge and run a road-worthy motorbike capable of maintaining the national speed limit. Basically, we are a masonic association.
The Widows Sons has over 1,000 members in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It has been growing at a phenomenal rate since its establishment in 2004 as Freemasons realise the benefits of mixing their interest with the Craft and motorcycling.  


Founders of Wyvern Chapter

Wyvern Chapter is an autonomous group, with its own set of by-laws, which is part of the wider community of Widows Sons and of Freemasons.  In Wyvern Chapter we have almost 20 members and cover a wide range of ages, professions and motorcycle brands.

Our activities include ride outs (usually in aid of local charities and good causes), rallies (including the Widows Sons MBA National Rally) as well as monthly socials (usually on the first Saturday of each month) which take place at various venues across the area.

We also hold regular rides and events with other neighbouring Chapters in Devon (Pilgrims Chapter), South Wales (Celtic Knights) and Wiltshire &. Dorset (Stonecutters).

Basically, if you are a Somerset, Bristol or Gloucestershire mason, possess a motorcycle and a sense of humour we'd like to hear from you.  Likewise, if your lodge is looking for a presentation, with a bit of a difference, or is holding an event where you’d like us to come along and support you, then please make contact, we’d be more than happy to help if we can.

Wyvern Officers

Harry "Riff' Blinston
Jim "Royal" Hayward
Vice President
Gary "APOS" Thomas

Mike "Choo Choo" Parnell
Rich "Skunk" Walter
Brian "Pitstop" Horn

Antony "Spook" Brookes
Road Captain
Michael "Gunny" O'Meara

Parisi & Wyvern Rideout

Leaving Cartgate Picnic Site, Yeovil.

Sunday 6th June 2021

It started out with a fairly uncertain weather forecast but, with 23 bikes keen to get out and about in the Somerset countryside, everyone set off for the starting RV, Cartgate Picnic Site near Yeovil.
Parisi Chapter had ridden down from North Yorkshire a few days before and we (Wyvern) were exceptionally keen to meet them.
We set off from Cartgate shortly after 11am and headed to Glastonbury Tor, from there we rode up to Cheddar Gorge for a bite of lunch.  Once the Parisi had had their fill of Cheddar cheese, they really like cheese, we mounted up again and headed up through the Gorge in the direction of Weston super Mare, via Burrington Coombe.
At this point a well earned fish and chip supper on the seafront was the order of the day.
Myself and all the brethren of Wyvern were delighted to play host to Parisi, may it we enjoy a long and enjoyable future, visiting and riding together.

President, Wyvern Chapter

Mayflower Rideout

Leaving Llyn Brianne

Saturday 26th June 2021

What do masonic bikers do when they can't perform a ceremony? We ride!!

WBro 'Gunny' O'Meara, Almoner of Wyvern Chapter, designed a route and put the word out amongst the brethren of Mayflower Lodge as well as the Provinces of Somerset and Devon.

The day of the ride came along, we met up at Morrisons carpark, Cribbs Causeway and set off on the first leg of the trip, across the bridge into South Wales to meet a few other brethren and then up into the valleys.

The weather was tremendous, having been threatened with rain for most of the week, it stayed away and the sweeping roads and switchbacks through the Brecon's made for an excellent morning's ride.

We stopped for lunch at a small cafe where, it turned out that, the proprietor was also a biker. I must admit, the look on the poor girl's face behind the counter when we started coming into the cafe looking for food. I think we must have trebled their takings for the day. The food was great and the staff there were really nice and friendly but the afternoon was ticking away and so we got back into the saddles and headed back into the valley, this time, heading for the Devil's Staircase. The switchbacks make that route a great ride, I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for some of the greatest scenery I've ever seen in the UK.

So, after approximately 175 miles in the saddle the brethren of Wyvern Chapter bade farewell to our visitors and we headed back to our respective Provinces. The ride drew brethren from far and wide, not only Somerset but also Devon, Hampshire, Bristol, Gloucestershire and South Wales and I'd like to make special mention of the hard work put in by WBro O'Meara on arranging such a fantastic day out.

President - Wyvern Chapter


Matty (written in motorbikes)

Saturday 3rd July 2021 - Flight for Matty

On Saturday 3rd July, a gathering of Widows Sons, from all across the country, converged on a secondary school sports field in Loughborough for a very special cause.

A young man by the name of Matty Howard has been diagnosed with Medulla Blastoma, a terminal brain cancer. East Midlands Chapter have been running a number of events over the last year or so, to give Matty and his family some cherished memories. The latest of which was a helicopter ride around his home town.

As a special treat, John Perridge (President of East Midlands) put a call out to the other Chapters to join them in forming his name, in motorcycles, so that he'd see it as they flew over the college grounds.

Eight riders of Wyvern Chapter set off from Somerset at 9am to join another 50+ riders who had ridden in from as far afield as Yorkshire and Hampshire to support this young man and his family for their helicopter experience.

Matty's Mum said...We are so grateful to all you amazing gents (and of course your fabulous wives too!) for the most incredible day we had today! Matty enjoyed every single moment and LOVED seeing you all out on the school field! It was so touching! Thank you to all of those involved, we are so grateful that some of you travelled great distances to support us today. Words cannot express our gratitude to you all, making memories with Matty is vital to us and your kindness and generosity have enabled us to do things that we couldn’t even have dreamt of! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts 💙

If any brother wishes to make a donation for future events, then please feel free to send whatever you can to

East Midlands Chapter
Sort code - 30-84-79
Account.no - 58120668
Reference - Matty's Fund

All donations are very gratefully received and faithfully applied.

It was a really great day out and very humbling to be part of.

President - Wyvern Chapter

Rides & Events 2021

  • 29th May - Wyvern President's BBQ, Weston-super-Mare
  • 6th June - Rideout (with Parisi Chapter) Stands-up from Cartgate Services, Yeovil at 11am
  • 26th June - Mayflower Rideout - as our lodge can't meet, we may as well ride. (Starting RV - Cullompton)
  • 3rd July - Rideout to Loughborough to support Matty's helicopter ride (in support of East Mids Chapter)
  • 31st July - AGM, Weston super Mare with party afterwards at Tucker's Grave Inn.
  • 6/7/8th August - Mad Panic Rally, Co.Durham
  • 11th August - Airborne Ride of Respect meet, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton
  • 12th August - Airborne Ride of Respect meet, Frome
  • 14th August - Airborne Ride of Respect meet, Gloucester
  • 14th August - Gloucestershire Masons, Provincial Family Day, Highnam Court, Gloucester
  • 19th August - The Big Ride (in support of Stonecutters and Shires Chapters)
  • 28/29th August - Bideford Bike Show (with Pilgrims Chapter)
  • 2/6th September - Danish Rally
  • 10/12th September - Wild South West Rally, St Austall (with Pilgrims Chapter)
  • 11th September - Nailsea Bike Show
  • 11th September - NHS Ride of Thanks
  • 17/19th September - East Midlands President's Weekend, Warslow
  • 2nd October - Ride To The Wall (with WSMBA) overnight stay.
  • 14th November - Remembrance Ride and wreath laying in Bridgwater

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